Whether you have one personal .tel to keep in contact with friends and family - or you have thousands of .tel domains that represent your core business, TelMasters is here to help. We invite you to stop by often!

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Our exclusive .tel domain "boutique". Join TelMasters for free. Get access to great productivity tools. Most tools are free to encourage growth of this new TLD.
Tel names are perfect brands for realtors. Short and easy-to-remember.
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We have .tel tools, tapps, .tel applications, register dot tel.
Identity solutions for TELNAMES owners too.
Your $20 annual investment in a .tel domain is the best way for a small to medium business (SMB) to get an instant web presence at low cost, without hosting fees and without programming.
We`re pleased to report that TelMasters has been selected .tel Site of the Week. TelMasters official launch marks the culmination of over a years planning and development. We`re starting slow and getting our feet wet by introducing Mark`s Tools, tools especially designed to help .tel owners to manage their .tels more efficiently.In the near future we`ll be adding many more great tools so drop by often.
For $20 per year, all inclusive, your small business can have an instant web presence with a dot tel domain name. Provide all your contact information in one easy-to-use package that tells your customers and prospects exactly everything about what you do or provide.

Replace that hard-to-remember phone number on your vehicle or signage with an easy-to-remember .tel domain name. Mobile click-to-call connects your prospective customers to you instantly.

Save money by minimizing your Yellow Page directory advertisements.

With a .tel domain, there are no hosting costs and no need for a web programmer or designer. Build it all yourself literally in minutes - guaranteed.
This quick update tool is great for inserting ads into your .Tel domains. Try inserting ads in different languages to connect with your international clientele.
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